Granny And Me At RSPB

This blog has been written by Lillian, aged 9 First we walked in and when we were stood at the till waiting for binoculars Granny put her purse at the side of her, but then the man at the till asked her for the £3:00 for the binoculars  and she couldn't find it, she said... Continue Reading →

Bugs, Birds, Bees And Butterflies

It was a nice afternoon. Lils was off dancing and was going to her friends for tea afterwards so we were left with two bored boys. After a bit of head scratching I suggested we go have a look at the local RSPB reserve, Old Moor Wetlands. Netti  got the boys ready and off we... Continue Reading →

Impromptu Lesson

This morning we had a fine example of a child choosing to learn rather than play. Paul had been cutting some spindles for a bannister rail. They were on the table waiting to be used when Netti and the children arrived. After a few minutes, whilst the boys were playing in the front room, Lillian... Continue Reading →

Early Days

Whilst discussions were going on about home educating our grandchildren, Paul and I embarked on a little experiment. During the spring half term break we took Lillian, Harry and Joey on several outings to see if and how they would adapt to non school learning. They were sometimes joined by the other children, and their... Continue Reading →

The Big Decision

A couple of months ago, two of our daughters were bemoaning the state of education in our area. They are concerned that the quality of education being delivered is suffering due to cutbacks in funding from the government and the local council. That and the fact that good teachers, in many schools, are struggling to... Continue Reading →

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