More Vikings

February half term doesn't exist for us. We spent the week learning a bit more about the Vikings. To help us with this we visited Jorvik in York. Since we hadn't pre-booked we arrived to find that, since it was half term week for regular schoolchildren, there was a two and a half hour queue.... Continue Reading →

Meeting The Tudors

On a sunny but chill day towards the end of October our daughter Kat and her two sons, who have joined our Home Ed Adventure, came along on their first “school trip”. The children had been talking about the Tudors so we decided to go to a real Tudor manor not far from us, Gainsborough... Continue Reading →

Ciphers, Codes, Cryptography and Computers

What started out as a discussion about the impact of computer technology on their lives grew and developed into two weeks worth of research into the reasons for  and the  development of modern computers, from it's Victorian beginnings with Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace to Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman during WW2 to the present... Continue Reading →

A Horde Of Vikings And A Gruffalo Hunt

Once we were done swinging through the treetops on Tuesday we noticed some banners advertising a Viking Day the following Saturday and decided we would have a return trip to see the display. Saturday was bright, sunny and pleasantly warm so we looked like having a good last day out. We packed a picnic, filled... Continue Reading →

Learning About Cotton 3

Today we finished off the week on a more creative note. Whilst Rowan and Harvey caught up on yesterdays work, researching and writing about James Hargreaves and the Spinning Jenny and Richard Arkwright and the Water Frame, Lillian,Harry and Joe were each given a photograph of a different aspect of the mill to draw in... Continue Reading →

Learning About Cotton 2

Today the children continued their work on cotton. Harry and Lillian both had a worksheet to complete. They were researching people who were influential in the development of textile manufacturing. Lillian looked at Samuel Crompton and his invention, the Mule, for the mass production of yarn. Harry looked at John Kay and the invention of... Continue Reading →

Learning About Cotton 1

Last Friday we visited Quarry Bank Mill, just outside Manchester, where not only the children but we adults learned a thing or two. The mill is set in peaceful surroundings which gave no hint to what we found on entering the mill. Many of the machines have been restored to full working order and one... Continue Reading →

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