Looking For Lego Landmarks

Being home educated also means we get fun days. One hot summers day we decided to head off into Sheffield and take part in the Lego Landmark Hunt. Click the photo to see how we did.

Monkey Business

So, Netti had this bright idea for occupying the kids on one of the Easter break days. She asked around all the family and got a firm yes from everyone. Including myself. Due to a few misunderstandings, such as Pa wasn't listening properly, we booked our places for the "adventure of a lifetime", but had... Continue Reading →


By Harry. Aged 8 On Wednesdays Me, Lilly and Joey go with Grandad to Team Katalyst. It is in Rotherham. It is run by teachers. We do Parcour. We run and jump then grab the top, slide and jump, jumping over gaps, jumping over blocks and on free time we can do anything we want.... Continue Reading →

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