A Horde Of Vikings And A Gruffalo Hunt

Once we were done swinging through the treetops on Tuesday we noticed some banners advertising a Viking Day the following Saturday and decided we would have a return trip to see the display. Saturday was bright, sunny and pleasantly warm so we looked like having a good last day out. We packed a picnic, filled... Continue Reading →

Monkey Business

So, Netti had this bright idea for occupying the kids on one of the Easter break days. She asked around all the family and got a firm yes from everyone. Including myself. Due to a few misunderstandings, such as Pa wasn't listening properly, we booked our places for the "adventure of a lifetime", but had... Continue Reading →

Learning About Cotton 3

Today we finished off the week on a more creative note. Whilst Rowan and Harvey caught up on yesterdays work, researching and writing about James Hargreaves and the Spinning Jenny and Richard Arkwright and the Water Frame, Lillian,Harry and Joe were each given a photograph of a different aspect of the mill to draw in... Continue Reading →

Learning About Cotton 2

Today the children continued their work on cotton. Harry and Lillian both had a worksheet to complete. They were researching people who were influential in the development of textile manufacturing. Lillian looked at Samuel Crompton and his invention, the Mule, for the mass production of yarn. Harry looked at John Kay and the invention of... Continue Reading →

Learning About Cotton 1

Last Friday we visited Quarry Bank Mill, just outside Manchester, where not only the children but we adults learned a thing or two. The mill is set in peaceful surroundings which gave no hint to what we found on entering the mill. Many of the machines have been restored to full working order and one... Continue Reading →

Baking Day

Today Harry and Joey had a baking day. Since it was Halloween we decided to make Witches Kneebones, Grantham Gingerbread biscuits, from my go to cookbook, The Witches Handbook by Malcolm Bird, which I have used every Halloween since their mum was a child. Harry read out the recipe. Due to the book being quite... Continue Reading →


By Harry. Aged 8 On Wednesdays Me, Lilly and Joey go with Grandad to Team Katalyst. It is in Rotherham. It is run by teachers. We do Parcour. We run and jump then grab the top, slide and jump, jumping over gaps, jumping over blocks and on free time we can do anything we want.... Continue Reading →

Making A Fizz

By Lillian. Age 9 We did some science. We got everything ready to do an experiment. First we made a list of our materials and wrote a prediction to guess what would happen. What we did first was to put baking soda into a balloon. Then we poured white vinegar into a bottle, it has... Continue Reading →

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