Learning About Cotton 3

Today we finished off the week on a more creative note. Whilst Rowan and Harvey caught up on yesterdays work, researching and writing about James Hargreaves and the Spinning Jenny and Richard Arkwright and the Water Frame, Lillian,Harry and Joe were each given a photograph of a different aspect of the mill to draw in their sketch books. Rowan and Harvey joined in once they had completed their research reports. They started off with rough practice pieces on plain paper, of which there were many. With the help of Grandad, who is, despite his protestations otherwise, a very competent artist. He taught them about perspective and how to achieve it in their drawings. They learned a little about shading, although when it came to the colouring Joe reverted to covering everything with the one colour.Harvey was very precise with his work, almost technical in a way, whereas Harry played with perspective but not quite fully understanding how it works just yet. Lillian, who declaimed to anyone who would listen, that she was NO GOOD at drawing, did a really good sketch of the rear of the mill with the river running alongside. A picture full of perspectives. Rowan made a passable attempt but has decided he is no artist. 

At the end of our week of learning about cotton all the children have worked well. They have utilised the internet for research, they have read articles, they have produced some good written work, Joe has done some reading, and they have each produced a piece of artwork. All in all a very productive week.

For more about our day at the Quarry Bank Mill, click here

For more information about visiting Quarry Bank Mill, click here


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