A “We’re Not Learning Anything” Holiday

We have just returned from a holiday in the Lake District where they were most decidedly NOT going to be doing any learning. According to the children. So whilst on our forest walks they didn’t learn how to tell the age of a tree by counting the rings or identify the trees from their leaves. Neither did they do any fungi foraging or Osprey spotting. They didn’t touch the clouds which hung low over the hills on some days, in fact Lillian never got to stand in one at the stone circle. On a rainy day they didn’t learn anything at all about Beatrix Potter when visiting her house, Hill Top, and as for reading, Harry and Joe chose to buy the Peter Rabbit and Squirrel Nutkin books rather than a tatty toy from the gift shop. On another day they didn’t learn to row a boat on the lake. Well, to be fair Joe didn’t since after a short trip in a motor launch he’s decided to become a land pirate! Lillian and Harry didn’t play at Swallows and Amazons on “Wild Cat Island“. On another day, amazingly, after a good two hours in the Derwent Pencil Museum, Lillian’s choice, they learnt absolutely nothing about how pencils are made. And they didn’t create any artwork at the art station after which Lillian chose a rather wonderful box of watercolour pencils to take home with her. They didn’t learn how to follow a trail on a treasure hunt,  taking them to some very interesting places around Keswick. They also failed to have fun in The Puzzling Place, not learning about optical illusions. On a more physical activity note, they got no exercise at all walking forest trails, reaching the summit of Dodd Fell,  a “mountain” to them, stretching their physical abilities on a woodland obstacle course and scaling a climbing wall. And because there was so much we didn’t do or learn on this holiday they all had a jolly good time.


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