Granny And Me At RSPB

This blog has been written by Lillian, aged 9

First we walked in and when we were stood at the till waiting for binoculars Granny put her purse at the side of her, but then the man at the till asked her for the £3:00 for the binoculars  and she couldn’t find it, she said “I’ve left it at home” but then she found it at the side of her, it was hilarious . So we set off and went in to the first hide. we saw a black headed gull, it was beautiful. Then we saw a egret it was awesome, it was white and different to any of the other birds and ducks. We walked to the next hide it was called the  family hide we saw a beautiful moor hen, it was not as good as the egret and we also saw a coot. Then we went to all the other hides, it was nearly all the same interesting birds and ducks . Me and granny went to the cafe I had a chocolate cookie and a hot chocolate with extra cream and marshmallows it was really nice,  granny had a raspberry  and green tea cake and the same hot chocolate as me. Once we had finished  we started to explore again and we finished all the hides. Granny gave me the camera so we set of down a different path we saw a road of ants, it was cool. We carried on down a path, I took photos of lots of plants, we came to a dead end and the last hide so we retraced out tracks and got back to the right path back to the car park. I said to granny the RSPB is cool!

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