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Why are you seeing all these posts from the beginning of our adventures in education? Let me explain. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my websites following a major issue which has forced me to delete one site altogether. This means I have lost all my posts and galleries from that site. Fortunately... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to our School’s Out Blog about the highs, the lows, the frustrations and, above all, the achievements of ourselves and the children now that school is out forever.

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More Vikings

February half term doesn't exist for us. We spent the week learning a bit more about the Vikings. To help us with this we visited Jorvik in York. Since we hadn't pre-booked we arrived to find that, since it was half term week for regular schoolchildren, there was a two and a half hour queue.... Continue Reading →

Meeting The Tudors

On a sunny but chill day towards the end of October our daughter Kat and her two sons, who have joined our Home Ed Adventure, came along on their first “school trip”. The children had been talking about the Tudors so we decided to go to a real Tudor manor not far from us, Gainsborough... Continue Reading →

Ciphers, Codes, Cryptography and Computers

What started out as a discussion about the impact of computer technology on their lives grew and developed into two weeks worth of research into the reasons for  and the  development of modern computers, from it's Victorian beginnings with Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace to Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman during WW2 to the present... Continue Reading →

Natural Parcour

Another fine day, warm with the sun peeking through the clouds. Last night I had suggested a walk in the Peak District with the kids if the weather was fine. Netti said she was up for it and we had gone and bought all the picnic stuff so we were ready. So, once I had... Continue Reading →

Looking For Lego Landmarks

Being home educated also means we get fun days. One hot summers day we decided to head off into Sheffield and take part in the Lego Landmark Hunt. Click the photo to see how we did.

Taking A Ride Back In Time

Having been to previous events, I had been musing about going along to the 1940s Weekend at Crich Tramway Museum for a while and had mentioned it to Netti as a possible outing over the Easter holidays. Manda messaged me a few days before the weekend to see if I was going since we usually... Continue Reading →

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